Monday, July 19, 2010

Okok, this shall be more cheery than the other posts. I'm in a cheery mood, for no reason at all :D Being stuck in a highly monitored dorm room without people around is rather frustrating, however...

I'm thinking about taking advantage of the situation, with all meals everyday in a place that has a salad bar, and a gym down the stairs. Have a fancy diet plan and everything. If I don't have any other excuse, it would be that I'm bored to hell.

I want to talk to all you lovely people, gods what I'd give to have every one of you as my neighbor... Please don't hesitate to talk to me on aim (my sn is mystauricxcrypt) because I am lonely and in need of good conversation *cue puppydog eyes*


  1. Hi, new follower here.
    Just wanted to introduce myself and let you know that I think you've got a beautiful blog. I love the layout, and the title. Looking forward to reading more posts!

  2. You go take advantage of the situation!! Be sneaky and have some fun!


  3. bonjour cherie,

    i love revolutionists and idealists. we should be friends forever. or something else i would have said when i was eleven.