Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Gods how I miss this place terribly. I've been so busy, I shouldn't even be here right now. Always too much to do, and yet I still make time to think about death and purging and cutting and truths of lyricism that make you forget to eat..

I lovelovelove Francesca Lia Block. Read all her books, I dare you. They make me drunk with nostalgia, make me crawl into a deep slumber with vivid dreams of truth, raw and wondrous. It's strong liquor--I know that I shouldn't breathe its vapors, swallow the burning warmth. But I'm an addict.
Oh and I'll have you know, I expected to have zero followers if I ever went back on here. Thinking I've gone who-knows-where, and deleting this waste of space. But no, not one of you left. Either from laziness or from love, but idc to be honest, it still makes me happy. :3