Monday, November 8, 2010

It's been a while, hasn't it, and I am thoroughly sorry -_- I've done exactly what always makes me upset when it happens in the blogs I read--I up and left without any warning whatsoever. But you also must understand, I am not the most consistent person...

I go up and down with pleasure, after treading numbness for a while. That's all these last few weeks have been filled with, that numbness...and college applications of course. And standardized tests, which made me purge for the first time in a month, an impulsive defense against whatever atrocious results I may have received. Not that it really matters; I flip my middle finger at the world, putting the image on repeat inside my head. It never gets old. But for every second I scream IDGAF, there's another second that's spent panicking in spite of myself.
Same old same old, I guess. Except I have a physical next Friday. I hope I didn't (hope I did) lose weight on that all-knowing scale. I hope they don't ask questions.