Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Damn it. Just three days into this new engineering camp, and someone seems to like me -_-

Just a normal guy, no one worth an affair (please just throw me into hell right now. I am a horrible person that is apathetic to relationships, and I do warn M of it as best I can. But I might as well be candid here because if I were reading my blog as not-me, I'd be happy to know I wasn't alone in my inhumane transiency)

I initially didn't mention my boyfriend because I thought it might be awkward, and now it is way too late to mention him because I'll look like a tease. Ugh...well at least something fairly interesting has been started :P

And since I'm pretty much obsessed with Pro-Ana blogs (the ones written with intelligence and eloquence, that is) I might as well make a note about my own ED. It is currently non-existent. I know that sounds hypocritical, that I really don't have an ED--and you know what, maybe I don't. But depression, anger, hopelessness, self-esteem, and simply being in my own house often trigger it. Right now I am eating too much, very literally. After this camp I will have excuses plenty for wrecking any semblance of health that I now have.

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  1. Don't worry, weare not going to judge you for eating normaly or a little over for a few days. Just enjoy yourself, that is the most important thing, sweetheart. And you can have an ED without starving all the time, without binging all the time, but with habits and rules and you can explore whether you do or you dont on here or whatever, but we love you eitherway. This isn't an ED-diagnosed only zone.

    LOVE x