Sunday, July 4, 2010

Here We Go

First post, here it goes *crossfingers*: Hello all of, my name is Aurora. This blog is not going to be exactly pro-ana, though if Ana is on my mind then so be it. It's more about who we are, the people who make these blogs filled with nostalgic thinspiration and lostness. Because I've read so, so many blogs--I've only recently joined blogger because my computer is decrepit and wouldn't let me get an account for the longest time, haha.

My life is not the most exciting, especially now, in the summer. But I ponder about everything and anything, and I think (mind you, think) that I know what us collectively--the "Anagirls", condemned by the media as fanatical cult members--what we really think. So that's what I want to write about.

Because it's not really about eating disorders, it's about perfection. Before I felt it, I thought the whole thing was taken up by bleached blondes who dumbly and sadly fell into obsession. I was incredibly wrong.

It's a yearning for the eliteness of perfection, articulated by beautiful photographs of long-legged girls draped in clothing. It's just one aspect--a career is one, a true love is another, discovering the world in its entirety is yet another. So easily it can start with thinness. Beauty breeds confidence, confidence breeds motivation, motivation breeds great minds that go out doing great things.

I know how faulty this rhetoric is--believe me, the trials and tribulations will soon come up in later posts. But I like logic, and honest to the Gods, it feels right. (now cue The Book of Right-On by Joanna Newsom, pretty please)


  1. oh i like your blog already ...mostly because it's not the usual whine about weightloss but because, as you said, it's about thought.

    and thought is ultimately one the most fascinating things.

    perhaps that part of it, anorexia i mean, over thinking, scrutinising but never articulating.

    hmmm, xo

  2. Haha thanks so much :D Yeah I'm so awfully sick of those types of blogs. I'm trying to understand why I'm so attached to this type of life--it's so irrational-sounding to explain to anyone. Thanks again, love your blog btw :)

  3. I looooooooooo(times a million)oooove Joanna Newsom!!!

    Welcome to the blog scene!

  4. yess someone who knows about my obscure music! <3