Saturday, October 2, 2010

My original post was erased.

So here is an approximation without words. And also, my ears are clogged inexplicably. So I am half-deaf and half-mad, and I'm having a panic attack. Just thought I'd let you know..


  1. you are smart enough, are pretty enough, are
    i've been in those dark woods. but, listen,

    you are talented enough, are thin enough are pretty enough you are smart enough. this isn't your fault. everything happens for a reason you know. you are good enough, hell, you are!

    and yes, i know you will not believe me, but i will keep on telling you hoping, knowing, that one day you will.

  2. You're smart, beautiful, your words are so meaningful that most of the time it is as if you are writing in prose.

    I wish you could see, what a beautifully talented girl you are <3

  3. you, are more than enough.
    in every sense of the word.

  4. after reading a few of your posts i have decided i no longer need to write anything ever say all thats in my head and you do it all so well. it must be fate that drew me here to your blog; and here i shall stay. lots of love. xx