Friday, October 8, 2010

What is a visionary? Is it someone who dreams of the impossible, of utopias far beyond our means but dreams of them anyway? Or is it someone who has ideas to make the impossible possible, someone who has built a blueprint of the better world that they seek.

Does a visionary have to act upon their daydreaming; what if they simply write about them in their diary, in a letter, to a newspaper, as a speech? Must they start a movement, must they create a revolution of the human race? Do they have to succeed?

What do visionaries, whoever they may be, think of the others who do not see what they see? Are they enraged or saddened or motivated by the wrongness of the world they wish to change? What do they think of the people, the naysayers or even just the ignorant--those that appear so blind, so painfully blind.

When no one around me can understand what I think, even when I tell them in the clearest words that I can manage, I feel so alone. Not only alone but insane; defective and wrong.

How can it be that the only thing I can believe in on this Earth, how can this fundamental truth be invalid according to every single person I tell?

Thank you all so much for just gracing me with your presence and your understanding. I know that all of you are struggling with the meaning and the truths of life as I am. I need you, at the very least, to keep me from believing that I am insane. Regardless of whether I am or not..

This may be my insanity talking, but I, for one, choose to name us visionaries.


  1. a visionary acts, if not she is a mere idealist. so it is true that we are visionaries. i'm with you! and you, my darling, are not insane. xx

  2. i think that visionaries are all o the above, and more.

    you are sane.
    very, very sane.

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