Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sometimes I think I am working myself to death. Sleep and food collide into an abyss of half-existence--I barely know how many hours I've slept or remember what I've eaten last. Is that faintness I feel? Or just me being a detached ethereal being, as always. I can't tell. Am I losing weight or staying the same? How skinny am I, to others' eyes? Do I look like I'm dying? Does something else give it away? My frozen lips, my frantic hands, my lifeless eyes. I

can't tell.


  1. snap. snap. snap. i cant tell
    i love you little wondergirl xx

  2. I can't tell you how bad I wish I was feeling that faintness right now. Is that bad? Well, whatever, I want it.

    I would love to see myself through someone else's eyes, to follow myself for a day and just watch myself. I think it would be fascinating, yet terrifying too, perhaps.

    Hope you're well dear

    Perdita, xo

  3. every. single. question. in. my. head. all. the. time.

    how is it you have a knack for doing that?

    i love you you know :D

    xx x