Saturday, September 18, 2010

I despise English teachers. Painfully stupid sorority-type girls who, with every ounce of stupidity they lose, gain a gallon of bitchiness. To study to become an English teacher, or even that major in general, is laughably easy and I bet they had ample time to procrastinate with partying. Now they are obsessive mothers who enjoy being pregnant every other year, and get extra money by bullshitting their way through a school subject. I am a bionengineer that loves to write, and it almost embarrasses me to know that I have some connection with them.

Writers, however, are another species altogether. Writing is an art with severe restrictions, trying to convey the unexplainable with mere words. When one is compelled to express something so vast, it is because one yearns to be understood. Is tortured by it, is detached by it, and is lost--so lost--in it.

Anyway, excuse that rant. I've decided I need a set of goals to adhere to this year.
1. Don't die. (intentionally or accidentally)
2. Try to do well in school without punishing yourself for every misstep.
3. Don't go down a spiraling abyss of addiction that will violate the above.
4. Don't push people away.
5. Don't think too much. Or, don't go down the rabbit hole.

You'll be free child once you have died,
from the shackles of language, and measurable time.
And then we can trade places, play musical graves,
till then walk away
walk away
walk away walk away


  1. that was a very well written rant dearie.
    must make up goals for myself, in order to survive this year.

  2. they're excellent goals.

    i loved my high school english teacher.

  3. Thanfully I have had very good english teachers!


  4. i'm with you on those goals. they just made me realise how simple and manageable lists and sets of rules can be. xx

  5. those goals are good ones!!

    I am sorry that you have had bad english teachers. I have been lucky, mine have been incredibly intelligant. Here it is the P.E teachers that annoy me. But that is a massive generalisation, I am aware. And most likely because I am jealous I cant play hockey and netball or be one of that team. English degrees here are hard hard work. Well at least at Durham, but the english department is top of the country- higher than oxford and cambrige, it is hard to believe. so that might be the reason.

    hope you are feeling ok bar the rant

    and love the new picture on the blog x