Monday, September 20, 2010


I wonder if I should tell my therapist about this blog. No doubt, it isn't conducive to my progress "forward."
But I love all of you here. I love reading about your lives, your thoughts. I love how kind you are to me and to everyone and anyone in need. I love how truthful you are, how candid and real. I love your eloquence--no matter how much some of you may deny it, every single one of you takes my breath away with the beauty etched on my screen. And I love how strong you are, we are. On the edge of a cliff, teetering but steadying ourselves before its too late. Surviving, despite such fragile souls that almost seem meant to break.

I am so saddened to see people leave and abandon their blogs. Even if they are doing so to recover--for me, at least, there would be so much to miss. And then the others that go to the hospital and never come back...then the sadness becomes painful.

This place is purgatory. People come and people go, but this place never changes. It is a netherland veiled by fog and limbo, a place where lostlings huddle in the dark for warmth.
We are all lost here.


  1. you said it. precisely and beautifully as always.

    i do not know what depths of hell i'd be in now without blogger. there is so much kindness and understanding and caring and love and support and empathy here, especially for those of us who have a hard time connecting to people in the real world because we spent 95% of our time thinking about food/body/self/hatred/etc. and other people apparently don't.

    i don't know what else to say here because you said it all. don't go anywhere, ok? you're completely awesome and i'd be so so sad to lose you.

    LOVE xx x

  2. Agree with Anise totally. cant say anything more

    I loveyou xxx

  3. you are so right.
    we are all lost here.

    and i think that's what makes it special.

  4. you won't go will you?
    i would miss you too much.

  5. it is true. this is a purgatory, but it is not one ounce more terrifying than the hell that is the real world out there. this is a magical purgatory and i don't regret having ended up in it. ever. i love your thoughts, your ideas, the way you bring them to life through your beautiful words. for egocentric reasons i don't think you should tell him. but do, if you feel you need too. just don't tell and disappear. you're simply too lovely.

    love, io