Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gone for a Bit

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Russia. I've hesitating telling people because then they go "OMG! For real?!!" and then I feel awkward and sad because they are so excited but can't go themselves -_-

It's because my grandparents are world travellers, and they're taking me for a coming-of-age trip, and my dad for his fiftieth birthday. It's pretty exciting, but somehow not any more so than going upstate haha. Just having a new experience, wherever it is, is exciting enough. And I'm equally grateful that it will occupy my time, get me away from the insanity of empty summer days...

I also won't have internet for two weeks (!) I'm freaking out a bit. Such a dependent techie I am. I will miss you all, please don't do anything stupid when I'm away? <3


  1. have a lovely trip sweetie. we'll miss you. xx io

  2. please tell me all about it when you are back - i LOVE Russia, its quirky charm, its slight backwardness that draws me in, -i've been a few times because I've studied russian for 9 years now.

    i hope you like it
    dont eat the meat!! x

  3. i can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.