Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm sorry I'm such a whiny person sometimes, I really need to stop -_-

Despite my face being pimpled with red dots and the day being a bitter shade gray, I'm actually trying to be productive. Two days ago I had gone to Columbia's School of Engineering and fell in love with it. And here goes the internal dialogue again--"I can get in, I think...who the hell am I kidding?"

Every other second I yearn to leave my dirty little secrets behind. These coping mechanisms aren't suitable for an Ivy League student. When I think of the young people that gave me tours, I usually marvel at how similar we are. Striving for greatness and idealism and saving the world, with wide smiles and never-ending energy. But take the things that hide behind my locked door, and suddenly we are a world apart. Somehow, some way, they can be perfect without having a catch.


  1. nobody is perfect.
    it is impossible.
    no matter how hard we strive to get there.

  2. o.O You're doing engineering? >.< Good luck! XD

  3. I love Columbia! I'm applying there :) Helen is right, and it seems the more we try, the farther we get.

  4. trust me, they have a catch. there is the most amazing lady at my university. So bright, so loving, so so intelligent, so incredibly bulimic.
    I know because she told me so. She told me because she knows I admire her. She told me to give me hope.


  5. everyone has a catch. some are just better at hiding it. go for it. apply. you have nothing to lose, and you might just get in, right?

  6. I guess you are all right :T But surely not everyone has such debilitating problems, you know?

    Yes I want to go into bioengineering, probably the easiest of all engineering fields but whatever haha it still sounds smart XD