Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back home, where I can abuse myself without care. I never intend on it, but habits tend to slither in my mind before I even realize. It's not helping that I've chosen to read yet another sad, wonderful book. Crank.

I want to splurge on pictures. Getting sick of words, you know?

My lovely morning. Purity with a sweet spoonful of beauty.

I want to feel love just like this

But I can't.

Sometimes I think lightheadness will melt my dreams into me

Other times I am just scared of it all

Is it wrong to think destruction can be beautiful?

But love life all the same?

Could I ever have both, you think?


This may be all I know.


  1. you know you said all of that beautifully.
    i wish i could feel love, but i can't.
    i hope it isn't all you ever know, you deserve to love and be loved, because you're wonderful.

  2. I know that you are wonderful

    you can now know that too, even if you don't see it yet x

  3. beautiful words, wonderful pictures.
    love, io

  4. wonderful, wonderful pictures.