Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm quite tipsy, oh joy. I sort of love excuses to destroy. It's kind of sad, but what else can I do? Masochism is the closest I can come to guilt.

Yesterday I told my mother that she is just like my nana, her mother. Who has a severe anxiety disorder developing from old age. Because she was freaking the fuck out at the smallest thing that didn't concern her and I couldn't stand the negative energy anymore. It wasn't meant to hurt that much. I'm sorry it hurt her, but I never apologized. And she noticed.

I am a guiltless soulless being, trying to substitute a purge for shame. It clogged up the train station toilet, and made me laugh inside with bitter insanity.

I am a horrible person who cares for nothing.

I will do that blogger award, btw, once I get my head straight.


  1. my mother gets like that too sometimes.
    you aren't soulless. you have a soul. its there.

  2. you're not horrible.

    everyone has a soul.
    yes indeedy.

  3. Aw I'm like that too. I think every purger does it because of their emotions.

  4. you are not horrible. don't let anyone make you think so. my mom and dad used to tell me i was fat. as a joke. maybe. and look what that led to. i think you're great. xx