Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Get Ready, Get Set

Here's to the limbo that loves me no matter how much I say I don't love it back. Inhaling and exhaling ethanol in grateful breaths, because I will only feed my body with liquid chemicals. Coffee and diet coke, anyone?

I saw my therapist for the last time this year on Monday. And my group, last Wednesday. Ten months she said it's been. Crazy. I can't even tell if it sounds too short or too long.

Prom tomorrow, science research camp Monday morning. Six weeks of what I'm going to pray will be fun and stimulating and busy and away from this damn house. Then college, 4 years time. This week better end.
Cross your fingers.


  1. Crossing my fingers now <3

  2. Good luck, my love.
    A change of scene will hopefully help you. Ten months is a super long time when you think about it, but it goes by in the flicker of an eye. Best not to over analyze and accept the world when it tells you its been turning for a month when your body has only been turning for a day. I make little sense, sorry.

    The feeling of euphoria both excites and terrifies me. It's a drug, unreal, fleeting. I feel as though I'm walking on air, but that makes me wonder how far I have to fall to hit the ground. It's hard to catch your breath when you're this high up.

    It is a wonderful girls name, however. Full of anticipation, but not as cliched as 'Joy' or 'Hope'. I most definitely am not laughing at your choice :)